Name:W. A. "Bill" Carter
  • Westside Referee Clinic Director
  • NCAA Official
  • WNBA Observer
  • NWBL Supervisor of Officials
Mr. William A. “Bill” Carter is most renowned for his expertise skills and precision mechanics on the basketball court. However, his skills and knowledge of the game is secondary to his teaching abilities, which are impeccably distinct in methodology.

A native Texan, Mr. Carter participated in many sports but his love for the game of basketball took on a new dimension. His savvy skills and knowledge, admiration from basketball coaches and friends was instrumental in providing the ground work for a developmental basketball clinic.

Mr. Carter is the product of a community that prides itself on doing things right. His deep conviction that referees should exemplify the knowledge, skills and professionalism necessary to officiate the game of basketball, led to the creation of the Westside Referee Clinic.

In 1993, the newly formed Westside Referee Clinic begun under the strong leadership of William A. “Bill” Carter. Located in the Elsik High School Gymnasium, meeting for five nights a week , Mr. Carter embarked on making a difference in basketball officiating. His support staff consisted of four clinicians, 22 students and a host of friends. Even during the earlier years, the impact was evident as many of the students/officials returned year after year.

Currently, Westside Clinic, under the leadership of Bill Carter has grown to over 275 officials, some returning from as far away as Miami, Florida to participate in the clinic. There are four consecutive sessions that offer two and three person mechanics, extensive floor work, collaborative sessions which include video tapings of live competitive games, and an in-dept analysis performed by trained clinicians. The clinics are held at Alief Taylor High School in conjunction with the Alief Summer League.

In Westside's continual growth, there are now 12 clinicians, 9 information personnel, 4 members of the executive staff, all under the leadership of Executive Director, Bill Carter. Future plans include an expanded facility space; update technologies including on-line transactions, multimedia teaching methodologies, and amateur/professional clinical sessions.

Mr. Carter continues to strengthen the knowledge and skills of basketball officials throughout the country. He conducts Regional Workshops statewide for basketball officials and coaches. His accomplishments can be seen and heard in the eyes and mouths of officials as they echo the Westside slogan, Do It Right”.